The Gist of Things

Here is a condensed timeline of my senor year and cancer treatment for those of you on the run:

August 10, 2013 Officially diagnosed with cancer after getting needle biopsies on several mysterious looking nodes.

August 19 I had my thyroidectomy (they removed the whole thing, not just partial like they do with a lot of cases)

August 26 Senior year starts! Crazy right? a week after surgery and I was back at school!

October 1 My 21st birthday! I fell asleep promptly at 8pm.

October 7 Time to start my radioactive treatment pre diet. I had a very limited diet to starve any left over thyroid cells that might have fought to stick around. No salt, soy, milk, egg, red dye. You’d be surprised how many things have salt in them.

October 21-29 Radioactive! Radioactive! Driving in and out of Boston for blood tests, shots, radioactive cocktails, and lots and lots of Netflix. After a few days of isolation, I was allowed to re-enter civilization- I didn’t even get any super powers!

November 29 My first road race since surgery- 5k Thanksgiving Turkey Trot!

December 14 First semester ends- how did I manage all B’s?!

January 14 Second semester starts

March 3-7 Spring break! Instead of Key West, I spent most of my time in waiting rooms. 6 month check ins and everything looks good.

April 12 I participated in my second half marathon

April 26 My friends and I made a Relay for Life Team and stayed until the closing ceremony

May 5 Second semester finals

May 16 Drove down to Massachusetts to take (and pass!) my personal trainer exam!

May 18 Commencement day! I graduated college with a Sociology major and a Psychology minor

July 20th-25th Volunteered at camp sunshine for their low grade brain tumor session

August 1 Moved to Vermont

September 12 Hired at HammerFit for my first personal training job

Always laughing. sun burnt. volunteering. loving life.


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