The Blogger: Taylor Jane Morgan

Hi there!!

My name is Taylor. I love pancakes, Vermont, adventure walks, and my cowboy boots! I started this blog as a senior at UVM working towards a Sociology major and a Psychology minor. What started out as a way to keep my very large family up to date with my progress has slowly become a place where I’ve come to terms with cancer, college, and this crazy ride called life. I am very proud of myself for sharing with the world my story, it has been a very rewarding experience to document this major event. Along the way I’ve discovered new paths and perspectives ultimately catalyzing the ongoing search for my sense of self, courage, and purpose.

Over the years, I’ve really enjoyed volunteering at Camp Sunshine in Casco, Maine. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s a family camp for children with life threatening diseases. The truly amazing part is that all the families have been sponsored by a company or a person to enjoy a session here at Camp. It has been built and grows entirely on donations. The families who come are unbelievable. They have untied with such strength in a time of vulnerability. Volunteering here has literally changed my life. I have never felt so humbled by something greater than myself and I encourage everyone to do some sort of volunteer work at least once! Knowing I made someone feel normal for one week during a stressful chaotic time is the greatest feeling I’ve ever had. Volunteering there has given a positive and optimistic perspective on life and has helped push me through my cancer. Thank you Camp Sunshine families and fellow volunteers for giving me the strength and the courage to face this cancer head on.

Armed with my family, friends, experiences, optimism, and a bit of stubbornness- I invite you all read along as I concur college, cancer, and whatever else comes my way! Thank you for being a part of my support team 🙂

Sometimes all it takes is a bad phone call to make you re-think your life.


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