Day 365

Today marks on whole year.

Can you believe that? One whole year since I received the phone call that motivated me to change my life.

So how did I acknowledge this? Well, I celebrated the best way I know how! I competed in my first ever spartan race! Why not compete in a race that makes you feel empowered and alive?! I mean, isn’t that what life is all about?


It was so much fun! I can’t even describe how invincible I felt. I was pretty nervous I wasn’t going to be able to do many of the obstacles and you know what? I only missed 4 out of 15!

I think the best part was doing it as a team. It was so great to be together and cheer people on! Even better? My dear friend Lisa was there with me. She has really been amazing through out this journey and it was so nice to have her there as we battled these tangible (and intangible) challenges to reach the finish.


The course was crazy! Well… we climbed 8 foot walls, threw a javelin, jumped over fire, ran up hills, struggled through mud, walked a muddy log, swam under walls, crawled under barbed wire, carried a bucket full of gravel, climbed up a 25 foot structure, tried to pull a wicked heavy bag up 15 feet in the air (that one I struggled with), and a few other harrowing feats of strength. I actually had to fight back tears when I reached the finish line. It was just an overwhelming sense of accomplishment both at the event and for my own personal growth- I was just so damn proud. I loved it so much I plan on participating in many more to come!

It’s really weird that a whole year has come and gone and I feel like I’m looking at a stranger when I flip through my college career. Who was the girl who decided pick Roger Williams? Why did she stay up late before those early morning classes? At what point did I take over? It’s funny how quickly time goes by when your busy living it.

“In life, the things that go wrong are often the very things that lead to other things going right.”

Ariana Huffington

My one year appointment is August 18th, and then I’m off to Vermont to try and become a real post-grad adult with a job and bills and somehow start my life.


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