Little Moments

Hey everyone!

Last Friday was my 4th of July road race! It was so much fun and I even convinced two of my cousins to join in this year. We had some family friends up and ate a ton of food!

One of the younger kids and I were playing, when she hopped up on my lap and said “Oh no! Someone scratched your neck!” and pointed to my scar. It’s just a small little comment, but it’s kind of a big deal- it’s the first time an outsider has really noticed and asked me about it. I mean, it’s not very noticeable so I never thought anyone would ask about it. I kind of stopped in my tracks. What do you tell a 5-year-old girl? When is the appropriate time to tell a child that there is a scarier monster than the one hiding under your bed?

I also noticed my mom’s face. I try to imagine it from someone else’s perspective. I’m charging straight at the bull, but what about the people running behind me? What is it like to hear me tell my cancer story from someone else’s point of view?

Sometimes, it’s the little moments that make the biggest waves.


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