The Last Exam

Just wanted to share another life event with you all!!


For some reason I decided to take this exam a week and a half after my final college exam. Of course Vermont decided to have 75 degree days of sunshine all week while I locked myself in the library. I would look out longingly from my room or the library. But I did it! It was totally worth it too.I finished my final exams, drove down to Mass Friday afternoon, took the exam, and now I’m driving back up to VT.

It didn’t take me long to decide on becoming a personal trainer. I have become a lot more self aware and I as a trainer I think that’s the one thing I’d like to pass on to any of my clients.

I also signed up for the Bridgton, ME Fourth of July road race- hope to see some Webber-Carlson-Gulbrandsen action.

Graduation is Sunday!!!


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