World, You Have My Attention

Hey everyone!

Went for another blood test last week. They want to monitor my TSH levels since they modified my daily meds. Making progress!

The easter bunny stopped by and gave me a basket full of of really cool stuff. One of which I wanted to share with you all because I found it interesting:

This year the easter bunny was thinking of my mental health and wellness (in light of all these events) and gave me a book on chakras. Naturally, I was intrigued and decided to read all about it. Here’s what I found out:

  • Chakra is sanscrit for “wheel or circle”. Referring to the meeting points of energy through out the body located near major veins, arteries, organs and nerves. Starting from the bottom, seven chakras are:
  1. Root– it sits at the base of the spine and draws energy from earth’s magnetic field up through the feet. The organ represented by this chakra is the adrenal cortex (sits on the kidneys). It carries the attitudes and prejudices formed by family, church, and culture. Color: red
  2. Sacral– the pelvis/ sacrum. This chakra controls our physical ability to move forward in life and the ability to cherish our own physical presence. Color: orange
  3. Solar Plexus– sits above the stomach and below the diaphragm. This chakra is focused on self value, a primary quality in our relationships with others. If we fail to honor ourselves and know that we are worthy simply because we exist, our sense of personality and identity is weak. Color: yellow
  4. Heart– the heart (oddly enough). It functions both physically and emotionally to keep the life force alive. Physically, the heart is comprised of the myocardium, the aorta, the pulmonary artery, and the four chambers. Energetically, it is the protector and the spiritual healer. Color: green
  5. Throat– internal and external, including the thyroid. It is often blocked with suppressed feelings, revealing unspoken emotions and unexpressed ideas. Color: teal
  6. Third Eye/Brow Line– the mind and pituitary gland. This chakra centers our innate intelligence and thrives on distilled wisdom of our pain, loses, and separation. It seeks meaning, truth, and freedom. Color: purple
  7. Crown– the pineal gland. This is the most elevated chakra. Provides the means to deepen our inedible connection with the source of our being. We must only acknowledge it to experience it. Color: fuschia

The goal is to have all your chakras aligned in order to fully experience everything. Life is about balancing all chakras to work in unison- to have a full body-mind experience everyday.


Interestingly enough…. guess which one of my chakra has been neglected? Yup. The throat chakra. The color turquoise and the gardenia plant promotes healing for the chakra. At the beginning of the year, I received a plant as a get well gift.


Gardenia Plant

The life issues associated with the throat chakra are trying to harness will, to express the highest truths, and to live creatively. “I live in my truth, I communicate my truth, I am the truth”.

We default on our integrity when we fail to honor our individuality.  When we mean what we say and stand by our words we influence the way in which people perceive us. To maintain a strong and viable sense of selfhood it is essential to express our truth as best we can, even at the risk of being different or standing apart from others. True adulthood is learning to mean what we say. The throat chakra shuts down from grief and unexpressed feelings such as anger and fear. It directly effects our quality of communication. It is an ongoing commitment to expressing our truths.

I felt I could really identify with this statement. My blog is physical proof of that. I’ve created a safe place where I can voice my feelings and express my truths. One of the major things I have learned in life is “speak your mind, even if your voice shakes”. I have been working really hard at standing up for myself- and my blog has really helped me find the courage to do so. What an interesting time to have this book come into my possession- wouldn’t you agree? Okay world, you have my attention!


I have fallen in love with yoga!

Yoga has really helped me regain my sense of self. Before surgery, I felt super connected to myself and my world. I was explaining to my roommate that yoga is sanskrit for “union” and the origins/variations. For a long time I thought unison meant the class doing the same poses at the same time. But it kind of dawned on me that it means more than that. I’m in my one class with these people I don’t know practicing for an hour. We are practicing as one. It’s not even confined to just that class. All over the world, there are classes just like mine. I am in total unison with all those classes, with all those people! Even those taking thirty minutes out of their day to practice at home. I don’t know them, and I may never know them- but we are one for that period of time. The same could be said for running. I run by myself, but I am never alone. All the participants in a road race are running together- as one breath, one pulse, one stride. It feels breathtaking when you think about it.  It gives me a wonderful comfort and I don’t really worry about feeling alone anymore. Kind of like when you look up at the stars at night and know you aren’t the only one.

But I digress…

The to do list:

  • Relay for life tonight- expect a blog post in the near future
  • Last day of classes- EVER… okay maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.
  • Finals week (I’m done May 6th!)
  • ACE personal training exam! I’m super nervous
  • the never ending job hunt!

Thank you to all who donated to my relay for life! You can keep donating until 6am tomorrow!


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