Crossing the Finish Line

Hi everyone!!

Yesterday was my half marathon! It was a beautiful crisp spring morning and the track ran along the Colchester/ Burlington bike path. The race had two waves of runners. I did the first wave at 9am and the second group started at 11. During my race, I made some new friends! I was running by myself and I started ease dropping on these women talking about work. One woman does work with children suffering from PTSD and trauma by doing art therapy and other activities. Another woman works with a group of middle school aged girls from bad households and is training them to work together and run a 5k in May. I was pretty much running on top of them because I was listening so intently. They finally said hello and I stayed with them for most of the race. I heard about their lives and told them about my cancer and things. It was really amazing to just meet these woman and already feel like I belonged. They cheered me on and I hugged them at the finish line. It’s funny, these women made me feel better and said things that I had expected my friend here to say. I almost felt like crying because my hard work was finally being recognized by people other than my parents. Even better-I even beat my old time! 2:28:17!

It was really nice that I had some friends come to watch. I didn’t even have to ask. They popped up at a few different mile markers and it made me smile that they came to cheer me on. My mom would run up next to me haha


I have several blisters I am tending to currently. Plus, my butt still hurts from that fall I took in my driveway a while ago. Other then that, I feel great! I’m going to rest up this week and then start my spartan race training with my friend from high school!! I am so excited!

Relay for life is April 29th, don’t forget to donate! I’m getting close to my $500 dollar goal and we are making really fun team shirts (pictures when I get them)


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