Relay for Life!

Hey everyone!
A bunch of my friends and I have decided to participate in Relay for life this year! We are working on the team shirts (pictures will be up as soon as we get them!) and I would really appreciate it if people would donate to the cause.

Here’s how ya do it!

  1. go to my home page! Don’t worry, I’m editing it as we speak!
  2. donate now! (or by check underneath it)
  3. fill out your info! It says $35, but that is not the minimum requirement. Please donate whatever you feel comfortable with. Every dollar counts!
  4. Bam! thanks for supporting my team!

Also, there is this donation you can make called a Luminaria. This is basically a white bag they put a candle inside and light for loved ones battling cancer or in memory of our fallen cancer heroes. You can donate a plain one or one with a message! These are a neat way to display your donation during the relay.

Relay is April 25th, So I think my deadline will be the 24th!

I’ve always wanted to do relay for life, but never really knew how to get involved. I’m really excited to participate in this magical event with my friends here and those relaying else where!



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