Something Magical Happened Today

Spring break is upon us- jeesh that was fast!

This week doesn’t really feel like much of a break, I have homework to do and all my cancer appointments- so I’m still pretty busy. Today was the dermatologist, tomorrow is my sonogram and endocrinologist check up (this is the big one folks), and Thursday is an appointment with my surgeon. I won’t lie, I’m a little scared, but I feel good and I’ve been pretty healthy so I know I’m ready to get my remission statement! Wish me luck!

I arrived back in safe little Holliston on Friday night, and have been hiding out and doing free laundry. My mom and I went to the mall today and I wanted to go to Lululemon because 1. I have a love affair with the clothes and aura of the store/staff and 2. I had a gift card I wanted to use for some new clothes. I was trying on some tops and such while my mom talked to the sales associates to try and talk me up to and get recommended for a job in Burlington. I come out after changing and Megan the Associate told me she wanted to give me a mat for being so inspirational with the rough year I’ve had and my ongoing pursuit of physical fitness. My jaw totally dropped. What a kind gesture and a really nice little praise of recognition that I’ve been longing for.


“Listen to your inner instruction. We are all the answers.”

This is the third eye chakra, she wanted to give me the throat one, but I love this one too because it really speaks to me about my growth and the adversity I’ve been dealing with from those who aren’t ready to do the same yet. It was a wonderful thought and I was so happy.

Thanks Megan! Your kind gesture made me and my journey feel important. I will think of you every practice from now on.

PS- I’m making a Relay for Life team! I’ll give details when I can so everyone can help us raise money to fight cancer!


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