Six Months Out

Monday, February 10th, marked sixth months since my diagnosis. I didn’t really think about it until I was at yoga yesterday morning during meditation. A lot can happen in six months! I finally believe the cliche! But, time flies when you’re having fun, so I guess that applies here too?

I feel really fortunate to have the motivation to keep going. I can’t imagine sitting at home, trying to work or do something to fill my time. I’m even more grateful to have amazing parents to support me  and my quest to continue on with school. Not even with that, just everything. I’m glad I have parents who can also be my friends- I know that’s not a common thing now a days.

Lets see… having cancer for six months.. It’s been quite the experience. Cancer (especially thyroid cancer, that has less visible side effects/changes) has been a giant social experiment in a way. I mean, not only am I dealing with me having cancer now and for the rest of my life, but I’ve also been dealing with other’s reactions, actions and emotions. It’s been interesting.


I refuse to sink

You ever wish you right now could sit down with you six months ago? If I could, I would say “expect less from others and more for yourself”.


2 thoughts on “Six Months Out

  1. glad you are 6 months away from surgery-your surgeon did an amazing job- we missed you this week-end!! Snowing now what’s a few more inches at this rate we will be skiing for Easter

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