Day 7,777

Hi there!

Today is a very special day for me! I have been waiting over a year for this day to come. I even had a countdown on my computer! Today is the 7,777 day I’ve been alive! I found a random countdown a while ago and figured it out. In all of my days of living I’d have to say the most important thing I’ve learned and am continuing to learn is: to do things that make me happy and the right people will continue to support me and appreciate who I am as a person. I shouldn’t be too bothered by those who disapprove or try to make me feel less confident on my initial choices. Easier said than done but each day is a new day to keep trying!

This semester seems promising, but super busy! So far my schedule looks like this:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday are running days. I’ll have homework to fill my time and hopefully a job!

Tuesday/Thursday is Human Bio 8:30-9:45am, Social Psychology 11:30-12:45pm, Sociology of Culture 2:30-3:45pm, and a three hour Death and Dying lecture Tuesdays nights from 4:05-6:45pm. I know I know, another class about death. This one seems cool because we have this workbook that we fill out over the semester and my professor (same one from my end of life care class) reads it and will ask questions or leave comment on it if we ask.  Image


So, I started looking through it and here is a sample of a few questions: Why have you chosen to examine dying and death at this time? When wee you first exposed to death? Examine yourself in front of a mirror, what signs of aging do you see? If your life was a movie, what would the title be? Reflect on the ways in which you limit your life. What aspects of yourself are difficult to accept? and so on. This class is called “death and dying” but I think I’m going to learn just as much about living as I will about dying.

I have an exchange student! Stephanie! She’s here for a biomedical engineering internhip. Her school in Columbia is a 5 year program and she’s here for an internship for credits. She is really great. Today we helped her build her first snow man!


So cute!

Hope you all had a good day today!!


Strong individuals don’t put up their walls to ward people off, they have feelings just like me and you. The only difference between them and everyone else, is that they don’t wait for others to recognize their feelings. They cry, hurt, mend, heal and carry on. Even when they don’t seem to show it.”



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