Sometimes I find myself stumbling upon random things that fit in so well with my current situation. Makes you rethink the whole “just by chance” idea. Here’s what happened to me today.

My birthday is October 1st. My mom likes to read horoscopes every once in a while and yesterday mine said this: Libra horoscope for Jan, 10, 2014
Experience is what we get when we don’t get what we want. You have probably experienced that concept in action a few times, Libra. Maybe more than a few times. A recent situation like this – where you didn’t get what you want, but came away with experience – could be more valuable to you than you realize. If you actually think about and apply that experience, you will discover that in the near future, when an opportunity arises once again, you can actually have what you sought in the first place.


I realize that it seems pretty vague, but I found a nice connection.


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