Seven Down, One to Go

I survived the busy finals week!

The end of this semester was really tricky. We only had 3 days of classes left before finals began. In that time I was able to complete: a 15 pages term paper, two 15 paged study guides, two 10 paged take home exams and two exams all in the span of one week! Including a snow boarding study break.

I think my favorite class was my End of Life Care. It was sad because we talked about dying and cancer, but it was cool because we talked about how death is a part of living. We focused on maintaining the quality of life over the quantity of days.

I took a Sociology of Reproduction class that was okay. We talked about gestational surrogacy and the value of a child. It was okay… Too much reading to be much fun.

Child Psychology is okay, somewhat interesting (as psychology classes usually are) but since it’s such a large class you can’t really explore one subject.

Consuming Society was a disappointment. The class was dry. It could have been a relaxed discussion group oriented class, but no.

I finished up my 7th college semester and only have 1 left! I’m not ready!!

It’s 12 degrees today, feels like 4 degrees with wind, and for some reason I thought it was a good idea to go Christmas shopping? I’m coming home around the 21st for a week or two. Until then, I’ll be cleaning, snowboarding, running, and getting ready for Christmas!!

Hope everyone is staying warm


3 thoughts on “Seven Down, One to Go

  1. Taylor, thanks for the effectively concise class reviews – I was considering end of life care for familiarity in that patient care dimension from a non-nutrition standpoint and wish I’d heard about the positive side sooner. reflecting on experience seems really beneficial, you inspire me on that my friend.

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