Turkey For Me and Turkey For You

Happy thanksgiving everyone!!

I have been so busy with school work and job hunting, but here’s what I’ve been up to (besides knitting of course)!

I received a letter from my doctor the other day about my I-131. My scan showed no spreading of cancer or suspicious looking activity in other parts of my body. My thyroglobulin count (the thyroid synthesizing protein) is at 18. This is not what they want, but not  a terrible sign. Since I don’t want thyroid cells doing or making anything in my body, I don’t want thyroglobulin cells. After my radioactive period, the goal is for my count to be at 0 (or close to it). Anything above 50 is when they become worried. It seems to be kind of common to get a weird reading since my body is still readjusting to normal life. I have another blood test after my finals in December that will determine the real count. I’ll keep you guys updated!

I’ve been keeping up with my running… sort of. Yesterday I participated in my first 5k turkey trot! My good friend Anna(a first timer!) and my cousin Kvehl ran it with me! It was such a nice little trail and the sun helped warm us up in the frigid cold and wind! It was a great way to kick off my training for my next half marathon set for April 13th! I’ve been looking into possibly doing a Spartan Race too.. Anyone interested to join?!


Kvehl, Me and Anna (in the best Turkey hat ever)!! We ran it in 30 minutes and 43 seconds!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so I decided to share my 30 Days of Gratitude I found on Pinterest:

  • Day 1: Food– Currently my favorite food is pomegranates! Difficult, messy and time consuming, but worth it 100%. The sweetness of the fruit trumps the fact that I look like a zombie when I eat it. My favorite meal as of now is Cobb salad, especially since being at college a treasure like this come few and far between. My stapple food is pasta, typical huh? Any who, I’m thankful for food- good food. Burlington favors locally grown products which is a nice bonus.
  • Day 2: Smile– Specifically, how contagious a smile can be. I’m so grateful for having braces because I can give off a confident smile. I like trying to brighten someone else’s day with a nice smile.
  • Day 3: Music– Whether I need a study soundtrack, running music or just something to keep me company, music is the best! My iTunes tells me I currently have over 17 days worth of music. Even though I’m not singing or pursuing something with music, I consider music a major component to who I am.
  • Day 4: Simplicity– Maybe it’s just finals or my newly developed cancer conscience, but some times I crave days of no internet, phones, technology or drama. The days of late night card games and adventure walk life-chats are nice reminders to appreciate the simple things in life and to not take those things for granted.
  • Day 5: Family– Not only do I have a pretty solid nuclear family, I also have the coolest extended family. I LOVE having a big family! It’s so much fun when we have our big family get togethers! I feel fortunate when I say that family is an important part of my life.
  • Day 6: Favorite Book– The Road by Cormac McCarthy. If you’ve never heard of it, its about a man and his son traveling in a post apocalyptic world trying to survive the cannibal gangs, persistent rain and food shortage. It’s not a light read. I love it because there are so many things McCarthy says without saying. His lack of punctuations and names gives the readers the ability to put themselves in this situation first hand.
  • Day 7: Silence– The tranquility that comes with the absence of not only external sound but internal sound as well. What a wonderful sense of clarity.
  • Day 8: Sunrise– There is something to be said about a sunrise. It’s kind of like watching a child wake up from a nap. I recently watched a sunrise in the comfort of my bed and it was really nice thing to see. I think I’ll make it a point to see more of them.
  • Day 9: Running– I started getting into yoga to stretch and gain some peace of mind, but I am not one for meditating.  But running, now that’s a good way to get some serenity (even if it is temporary). I can’t tell you all how excited I am to get back into my old running habits!
  • Day 10: Nature– I especially like outdoor running because I get to see nature! I also love the foliage of fall and the buds in the spring time. I hope to make it a point to go hiking more to get back out and enjoy the nature.
  • Day 11: Something Old– My favorite jacket. Its kinda retro and super warm and was referred to the article of clothing that best “describes my life”. I’ll take it.


  • Day 12: Favorite Scent– Either fresh laundry or wood burning. The second scent usually reminds me of the comatose days next to the fire in the living room.
  • Day 13: Pinterest– It sounds silly, but I’m really thankful for Pinterest! Laugh all you want, but there are so many things I would be clueless to without it. I’ve found my running schedules, helpful work outs for running, inspirational quotes and lets not forget all of my knitting patterns! Its an online account that helps you organize your ideas, dreams and goals!
  • Day 14: Perspective– In recent years I have come to encounter people who lack the ability to see life from different people’s perspectives. I make an effort to really try to see as many sides of a situation I can. I really hope that I find more people willing to try in the future.
  • Day 15: Technology– I recently saw a show called “Revolution” that entertains the idea of a total blackout. The show takes place in a world without technology of any kind (cars, phones, wifi). I love my phone and computer! Without technology I wouldn’t know about my cancer or that I used to have high cholesterol. I wouldn’t’ be at UVM unless I committed to riding a horse up here and staying here for good. Winters would not be as enjoyable.
  • Day 16: Volunteering– I believe everyone should volunteer once in their life. Camp sunshine is such a magical and powerful place- I am forever humbled by the work done there and the people who join the cause. The fact that I can provide a family or a group of kids one week of happiness and distraction from their everyday stresses is such a wonderful feeling.

July Brain Tumor volunteer staff 2013. Can you see me?

  • Day 17: Fond Memory– A few summers ago I went hiking with and old friend near my house in Maine. We climbed up and talked about life. It was a beautiful warm day and the view from the top was beautiful. We had a little picnic at the top and on the way back down we carved our names in a tree. I haven’t been back up since, but it’s nice to know that our names will always be on that tree and we will always have that day.
  • Day 18: Something New- One of my mom’s patients bought an evil eye bracelet for when she went to Greece. I got it a week ago and haven’t taken it off since. It was really nice of her to think of me and buy this for me.


  • Day 19: Best Friend– Hands down, my mom. Kristin and I talk almost every day and I’m sad when we don’t. My mom is so cool. I’ve never really felt judged or insignificant when I talk to my mom. We tell each other a lot- I think she likes my gossip updates. I know that my mom will always be there for me as much as she can and have my back. I will always try and do the same for her. ❤

Never a dull moment with this one.

  • Day 20: Favorite Season– Winter! Bundling, knitting, chunky sweaters, snowboarding and hot chocolate! Plus, something what the crisp air and the white snow really sets the scene for a wonderful nighttime walk. Fall is a close second, but only if the foliage is magnificently beautiful.
  • Day 21: Disappointments– Life is not always sunshine and daisies. Sometimes things suck and plans fall through. Being disappointed is important, either from a situation or a person or myself. If we walked through life and were never disappointed, how do I know what is valuable in my life and what turned out to be useless? I’ve been disappointed by things (don’t even lie, your probably have been too) but it helped motivate me to change gears and figure out what I should focus more on and what I should let go of.
  • Day 22: Strength– I was talking to someone about running a half marathon the other day and I was explaining how it was a giant self-reflection for 13.1 miles. When my blisters stated forming and it was getting really painful, and I had to dig deep down inside to keep going and not stop for anything. Even if I had to quickly walk I could not stop. Its nice to know that in those moments where hope is fleeting, I am able to find that strength deep down inside.

Getting close to the finish!

  • Day 23: Home– Not the tangible concept of home. I’m referring to the saying “home is where the heart is”. The place I feel safest and myself- without fear or judgment of expressing my thoughts and feelings.
  • Day 24: Support – I have been fortunate enough to have a loving family and some good friends to take care of me through my cancer but through other things as well. People and phase in and out of your life but the support team stays with you through it all. I’m so grateful that the right people have stepped up to the plate for me.
  • Day 25: Happiness– Is there really a reason to be thankful for happiness and the happiness of others?
  • Day 26: Favorite Quote– “Be kind for everyone is fighting a silent battle”. When I’m having a difficult day for one reason or another, I try to remember that I’m not the only one struggling. When people are a little more self oriented or seem uncaring, I have to remind myself that we all have things we are dealing with and that doesn’t ever really change through out our lives.
  • Day 27: Mistakes– Along with disappointments, I also am thankful for mistakes I have made, and the acceptance that I will probable make more. I only regret not learning from them sooner. If we don’t make mistakes, how are we supposed to keep growing?
  • Day 28: Daily Routines– Through out my college career, I’ve always had at least one 8:30am class per semester. This semester is the first time my day has started in the afternoon. I
  • Day 29: Inspiration– I am inspired by all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons. A friend of mine has embarked on an adventure of reconnecting with herself. I love reading her blog entries because it makes me reflect on the choices I have made the the places I hope to travel to someday. She is so courageous to do this trip alone, I give her so much credit. I found a quote that said “Be someone’s motivation story”- be the story they find inspiration in to carry on in their own fight.
  • Day 30: Me– I have become a unique person shaped not only through my recent cancer journey, but through all of my life experiences. I have learned so much about myself and how to interact with my every changing world.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
– Dr. Seuss

Hope everyone had a good turkey day!

Now how about a little winter snow?


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