Little Blue Pill

No, not that pill hahaha


My blood tests from last week were good. I had a low level of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), but since I don’t have a thyroid and all cells associated with my thyroid are considered cancerous, we want them suppressed. Basically, in Taylor’s body thyroid= cancer. No thanks!

Isolation was.. isolating. haha I spent the first three days going between my room and my temporarily designated bathroom. I drank a whole gallon of water in less than 2 days! Wednesday I felt great, but Thursday… certain side effects were in full bloom (i’ll spare the details for you all). After that speed bump, I was just suffering from cabin fever and homework overdose.

Saturday morning was the first day of diet freedom! I got to pick my first meal and I’ll give you one guess what it was…



During my “Taylor Time”, I discovered a geiger counter app… Yes, there are several geiger counter apps actually- I chose one with a review from a fellow thyroid cancer patient who said it worked. You point it at the object and it makes a weird ticking sound.


It actually went off when I pointed it at myself or my paint can waste basket!! I think on a basic level it might actual work. Obviously, I’m skeptical on how precise it is- but still. What a world we live in! Where we can detect radiation levels on our phones!

Monday October 28: Nuclear Medical Scan. This scan determines how much I-131 is left and if it did its job. Its a long scan- took about an hour (thank goodness I brought my iPod with my book on it). First, they inject you with a tracer. This has a small amount of I-131 that goes through my body and highlights all the places the isotope remains in the body. They lay you down on a bed and take 4 pictures- each taking 10 minutes to get a complete image of that particular section of the body. I guess the first scan (of my head and neck) also picked up on something on my sweatshirt and I had to change into a johnny before we could redo that section. This gave me the opportunity to see the picture she took. Imagine you laid down on a black top and traced you with a thin grey piece of chalk. Then someone took a glow stick and dumped it RIGHT where your thyroid is. Thats what it looked like! I couldn’t see the others because she had already filled and saved them as soon as I sat up.


It looks something like this, but my kidneys, bladder, intestine and remaining thyroid tissues are the things that are highlighted instead of bone.

Unlike my last Hospital escapade, I did sneak a picture of this contraption!


The bed lifts up and moves forewords and backwards. The grey box moved down so it hovers a few inches from your body. Then you lay there and wait.

Now I’m waiting for a phone call to hear how the photos went- and packing! Off to the beautiful mountains of 802 tomorrow ❤

PS. Happy birthday to a VIP in my support group- thank you for being my teammate


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