Don’t Drink The Kool- Aid


So much has happened in the past few days! Here’s the update:

I was feeling a little down and out the other week and decided to share Taylor Morgan’s “fighting the cancer/college stress blues”.

  1. Clean the apartment
  2. Clean your room
  3. Start your running schedule

And… Knit!


My first beanie!


Beanie number 2


Beanie number 3!




another scarf

This week has been busy!

Saturday October 19: Megabus home. I couldn’t find my iPod so I listen to these two girls talk about God and their crazy roommate.

Monday October 21: Drove to Mass General. Kristin and I waited for like 20 minutes to see my specialist who then informed us we needed to go get blood drawn first and then come back to see him. So we waited down there for 20 minutes, got my blood drawn and then back. Finally, we get into his office and I take my arm out of my sleeve for the thyrogen injections and he looks at me saying, “No, no… this shot is for your butt”. Embarrassment!

Tuesday October 22: We drove an hour and a half in morning Boston traffic for me to run through the hospital up to the 7th floor for my second butt shot before my doctor had to go to his seminar at 10. Made it!

Wednesday October 23: I do in fact have to drink the Kool- aid.  Before the I-131, I had to get another blood test. I finally met my first thyroid cancer survivor working at the desk! She showed me her scar and said she had her operation in April and her scar was hardly visible! She was older, but it was still nice to compare scars. The girl who drew my blood was talking to me about the recent stabbing of that teacher and went off on a God tangent. She told me that all bad things were supposed to happen because the bible says so and that God is out there. She was whispering it and made the whole situation 10x scarier because she just smiled at me the whole time. A little intense. Next was the radioactive iodine! The doctor did another check and then took me to a side room where I drank a shot of Kool-aid from a clear container that held a small test tube. It was so weird and tasted kind of like moth balls. I wanted to take a picture- but was too intimidated to ask. After that, I was escorted out to the car.

Let me explain the iodine (aka I-131). Radioactive Iodine has a half-life of 8 days. Meaning, if you were to leave a bottle of this on a table , 8 days later half of it would be gone. 8 days after that another half of that amount is gone. Imagine folding a piece of paper 8 times. It is used for Thyroid cancer and Thyroid issues. I’ve been preparing for this with my low sodium no iodine diet. I’ve starved all cells that usually absorb iodine and therefore create cancer. Taking the iodine with red Kool-aid alerts those cells, which in turn devour the artificial, not very refreshing red dye #3 drink. I then have to drink fluids like a mad woman to flush it out. By tomorrow I will have already depleted 70% from my body. The precautions I have are for everyone else. Anyone who comes into contact with me will take on a lot more iodine than my body did. I have trace amounts of thyroid tissue left, while most people have a part or all of there’s.

So here we are- radioactive and attempting to drink a gallon of water by tomorrow morning.


Driving in the way back all radioactive and such.


And, I need to cary this card around in case I set any alarms off. My doctor said its to “fight off homeland security”.

Ever since I’ve told people I had to get this treatment, people have been singing the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. Its funny because before both my road races, this song has come on the radio- and it came on again this morning!

So I’ll update everyone after my scan on Monday. For now its homework, knitting and Netflix! … and water…


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