Medium Black Coffee, One Sugar

Hey everyone,

This last week has been… challenging- to say the least. This no salt, soy, milk, egg diet is very  limiting. I tried to go without my normal coffee with milk and sugar routine. Two days later I decided to make myself like black coffee- I guess I still need my fix! My main meals rotate between an egg white omelet, oatmeal and some sort of meat stir-fry. Plus, all the fruits, almonds, and veggies you can eat! Without any bread products, I never feel completely full. I have this dull hunger feeling even after I’ve devoured a hearty heaping whatever I’ve created. I’ve already decided my first non-diet meal will be shrimp scampi. 

School has really picked up. I had an exam today and one tomorrow. November kicks off with a 10 page case analysis midterm due, a psych research paper, a presentation on gender roles in gestational surrogacy and a term paper due the last day of class. Lets not forget the small rainforest of books I’ve collected with their own assignments as well! Thats what I get for taking two 200 level classes in one semester… 

To be honest, it’s also been a little more challenging emotionally. I didn’t realize how much I was suppressing with food until relatively all comfort food was put on the “do not eat” list. Being in school during this “hiatus” is very demanding in all aspects. The academic part alone takes a toll on everyone. Add in the normal social drama and its bound to set someone off in a tizzy!! Going home is bittersweet. I have a chance to take a break from classes and focus on “me time”, but I’m leaving right when things begin to really take off! My professors are very accommodating in extending deadlines, but its still a lot to prepare for. At least I get to spend more quality time with the Holliston Morgans. 

I’ve had more trouble focusing on studies and most of the time I find myself looking at my other classmates wondering if they are fighting their own personal battle too. Sometimes, I’m very aware of my individual circumstance and desperately wish someone could relate to me. In the darkest hour we often find ourselves as the brightest light- but sometimes I really wish there was another star on the horizon. I guess I can chalk it up to another early life challenge that will help remind me that I’m here on this earth to kick some serious ass! 

In other news, I’m individually protesting Hanford’s by the UMall. I went there the other day with my two friends and decided to pick up two Switchbacks along with my other groceries. Now, my license had been expired for 10 days at this point and… it was REJECTED! How humiliating! The worst part? The girl who was called over was completely rude. I apologized for the expired license, saying that I’m a college student out of state and my birthday was last week. I was accepted into a bar a few days before that with no issues. This girl (only one or two years older then I) told me that since it was over a week expired she wouldn’t take it and was also out of state so she “knew what I meant”. Do you Hanford’s-manger-lady-person? Do you?! I was so floored with her ill mannered attitude towards me that I have decided to not shop there again! 

As a pick me up/ get back into the Taylor groove- I signed up for a 5k Thanksgiving morning! It’s called the Turkey Trot in Framingham. I think I even have someone joining me! I already created a running schedule (that works around being home and isolation). Hopefully this will put me back in my right frame of mind. Plus, I spoiled myself and bought a “welcome back to school” gift. It will be delivered while I’m gone and waiting on my bed for my return. 

I’m pretty burnt out from studying. Time for knitting, Netflix and bed!  I’ve started and completed a few knitting projects- photos to come! 


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