The “C” Card

Hello people,

Just another “thought” post coming to all of you live from my bed!

When I first started telling my friends about my cancer, my good friend told me I should play the “cancer card” all the time. Long line for coffee? Last book at the bookstore? People annoying me in the library? Play that card on the daily! Of course it was a joke and I would never do that (although hilarious to think about). The only time I have “played the C card” is with my professors- and that’s not even playing it because it’s legit.

The only thing I can say is, I hope no one ELSE is playing my C card. You should never EVER take pity on someone for having cancer. Pity does not equal solace. You can feel bad for them all you want, but that’s not helpful at all. All they need is a support team-no one else should be the president of their pity party. Have them tell you what they need and when they want your support. But most importantly: be a real friend. If you find yourself being borderline fake with a cancer patient- stop it right now because they don’t need that in their life.

I saw a little of this at Camp Sunshine. Sometimes, volunteers would only play with the kids who have cancer and not the siblings. Everyone counts, man. I just really hope it doesn’t happen to me or anyone else. Its an honor and a privilege to be a part of anyones fight- a battle with cancer or anything else.


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