Peanut Butter Frosting

Happy Friday everybody!!

Guess what I did yesterday!!!


MapMyRun told me that my roommate and I ran 1.17 miles! My surgeon said I had to wait a month to start running again, and yesterday the 19th was exactly one month! I was a little embarrassed that I had a hard time running one measly mile. It’s kind of an ego bruise to go from a “half marathon” status to a “struggle-bus one mile” status. I’ve officially withdrawn from both my races- as in I’ve decided I don’t have an appropriate amount of time to prepare under the circumstances. Unfortunately, I’m still registered because I can’t find any contact information. I hope to do another Half in May like I did last year with my running buddy! Kind of a neat graduation celebration.

I’ve become very friendly with the library. Through out my college years I didn’t really gravitate towards studying there, but this year I’ve been there quite a bit… maybe it’s because I live two walking minutes away? Any who, the most magical thing happened to me on Thursday! After concluding another late night study party with two of my friends, I came across a box sitting on the bench in front of the library entrance. This was no ordinary box- it was a My Little Cupcake box. “Could it be!?! Could someone have mistakenly left behind a box with maybe one cupcake inside to make this the best night ever?!?!”


Oh no my dear readers.. not just one.. but five glorious cupcakes! I think this bakery makes better cupcakes than the homemade ones we get at work for the kids’ graduations- and those are certainly delicious!

Now I know what your thinking, “Taylor, you can’t just eat random cupcakes you found outside. Even if they were sitting all nicely wrapped in a box. How do you know they don’t have anthrax or something?!” I decided to call my “finding random food and deciding whether its a good life choice to eat it” consultant, who totally backed up my decision. I go to her for all my random food inquires (you guys should check out her blog! it’s super silly and she is the best). With her blessing, my friends and I took the delicate parcel back to my kitchen for further inspection and possible consumption. So far we’ve had: peanut butter frosting with chocolate cake, salted caramel frosting with chocolate cake, vanilla frosting with red velvet cake, and some purple-ish frosting with chocolate cake. The last one seems to be a vanilla- coconut frosting with vanilla cake but a taste test will determine the true flavor.

As for my non-existent thyroid; I’ve finally received a rough schedule for my RAI treatment. As of right now I can’t eat any sushi and seaweed. I also can’t use that brown-iodine stuff they put on your before and incision or to help sterilize a cut. My real diet starts October 7th, and I’ll give the run down of that when the time comes. I’m almost done with my Calcitrol- which means my parathyroids are working and I don’t need to be taking all of this calcium! From there I’ll continue taking my thyroid medicine right when I wake up for the rest of my life. Its really not a big hassle and I don’t have side effects from it.

Now to continue on with my studies… maybe.


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