One Month Out

Hey ya’ll!

Things are well! I reduced my calcium to 675mg twice a day, taking my thyroid hormone in the morning (haven’t missed one yet!) and my Calcitrol at night until it runs out. School is going really well. I’m attending all classes and I don’t even need to nap anymore! All in all, I’m back to my usual shenanigans.


children’s jacket: extra small

What I really wanted to tell you all about was my first gym outing! Before everything happened, I was starting to train for another half marathon in November and I was putting in about 15 miles a week. There is NO WAY I’m letting my body get used to all this down time! So, I decided to get off my butt and do some low impact stuff… and maybe some punching bag catharsis… Plus, I slept like a rock last night! I missed the gym.

You know, just a casual photo shoot before the gym.

You know, just a casual photo shoot before the gym.

On a side note- damn is my left arm tight! My left shoulder does not want to relax, so if anyone knows any stretches for a tight muscle/ nerve, please let me know! So far I’ve tried downward facing dog and a yoga band but any other input is greatly appreciated.

Today marks one whole month since I was diagnosed. Looking back on everything, I’m pretty proud of myself on being so determined. I said I wouldn’t let cancer change my life and it hasn’t! I’m also so thankful for everyone whose read my blog and supported me. I don’t know what I’d do without my support team- thank you so much everyone!


2 thoughts on “One Month Out

  1. Very proud of you Tay Jay Mo! You are a warrior, you will get to that half marathon and you will do great!! You’ve inspired me, so when my leg is good enough I’m going to be swimming and making sure my knee doesn’t hold me back!
    You’ve got this, you won’t sink.

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