The Harvest Month

Can you believe it’s already September?!

Not much to update you all with. I’m getting better and better, feeling less tired, and slowly weening myself off my calcium doses (as the doctor ordered). Hopefully I’ll slowly start going to the gym next week and running within the next month! I just wanted to inform everyone that the month of September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness! As well as: National Prostate Cancer, Childhood Cancer, Ovarian Cancer and Leukemia and Lymphoma and a few others. September has a surprising amount of cancers. But August and December don’t have any? Hmm….

Any who… Everyone! Please make sure you get physicals and all check out!


I made a Thyroid Cancer Awareness shirt. Maybe it’ll be my new racing shirt?



One thought on “The Harvest Month

  1. MS T went for a little trip yesterday. We had just returned from the wedding and Ellen and Charlie left for Winona. Ms T decided to visit the Campbells raft- I called Charlie and he came with the Winona boat and brought Ms T safely back to the dock. All hands were on deck to fashion her securely in place. So glad your strength is returning takes awhile after ones body has been assaulted. This is the Jewish New Year so I’m celebrating it for you -onward and upward!

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