Breakfast Of Champions

Today is hump day! Which means… My no fat/low fat diet is overrr!!! I finally had a cup of coffee and could make it just the way I like it! I think I was a little too over zealous and made it pretty strong. Note to self: drink coffee after morning nap.


Being able to eat normally! Here is my coffee with milk and sugar and my oatmeal just the way I like it.

Other then that, today was productive. I was able to finally see some friends at lunch, go to class, and run three other small errands! Baby steps! Now I just have to start focusing on the work I’m ALREADY late with… The joys of senior year I suppose.

In my only lecture class of the day (12:50-1:40pm hehehe), I sat next to a girl with crutches.  I LOATHE any injuries that impairs my walking. I can’t stand not having the ability to independently chose when I want to leave and where I want to go. As we all filed out to leave class, I followed her out and to my amazement she went down the freaking stairs with her crutches! Mind you, for those who have been inside Williams (lecture class 301), this is not an easy task. I even told her “Hey no rush, I’m really impressed that you’re doing this so please take your time!” She said she had them for only a few more weeks hopefully. I can no longer complain about my stiff neck!

I also took the most glorious 30 minute shower. I seriously needed it. My left arm and left side of my neck have been so stiff that successfully washing my hair is nearly impossible- but today I just stood in there and let the hot water massage it out. Oooohh man. The only thing that would have made it perfect was maybe a pedicure.

I also sat in bed this morning thinking about my professor’s question of “what stage was it?” and decided to name the stages of Thyroid cancer (more of a personal timeline for myself and my cancer):

  • Stage 1: The Diagnosis aka. “Holy Crap I Have Cancer”- the first time someone tells you that you and your thyroid have cancer.
  • Stage 2: Poking, Prodding, Waiting– more testing, more ultra sounds, doctors appointments, waiting for the surgery, and those awful biopsies!!
  • Stage 3: Removal– this is in fact, when they remove your thyroid/ cancer
  • Stage 4: Road to Recovery– where I regain my strength to my miraculous come back!
  • Stage 5: Kicking Life’s Ass– Feeling great and amazing and wonderful! Being able to actively participate in my entire life and not being restricted by fatigue, dieting, and meds. Basically being a beast at everything, you know how I do.
  • Stage 6: Science Experiment aka. “All A Glow” (Thank you, Uncle Eric)- this will be my pre-dieting and preparation for the radioactive Iodine
  • Stage 7: No One Wants To Play With Me!– the isolation period and the after isolation precautions that limit my social life to me and my books.
  • Stage 8: Kicking Life’s Ass– see stage 6

Now, if only these steri-strips would fall off…


3 thoughts on “Breakfast Of Champions

  1. HI TAYLOR! So glad you’re back at school and on the mend. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers every day. Hope each day finds you feeling better and better.Brighter days are ahead. Take Good Care…Love Ya, SUE

  2. I just started my own blog about my journey with Papillary Thyroid Cancer and came across yours. This post specifically has been my favorite so far. I love that you gave Thyroid Cancer “stages”. And they are pretty spot on. Thank you for being courageous to share as you went along. I love your upbeat personality and writing, it really is infectious. Five years later and I’m still having trouble with the upbeat part. Sometimes I feel like my cancer was just like a cold and I have no right to pull the C Card when needed, even though I was out of work for 3 months and only just discovered (last week) that I’m in remission. (ie scholarships which my husband suggested I should apply to because I’m going to Rutgers University in the fall and I feel wrong doing it). Thank you for making me smile.

    • congrats!!!! That’s so exciting! Thank you for reading my blog, it really means a lot that us thyroid peeps can relate and reach out to one another. Don’t ever feel bad pulling the C card haha especially when you’re applying for a scholarship! I actually think they have cancer scholarships haha. Keep it up fellow warrior!

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