Sleep Walking

Hi readers!

Alright, so a lot has happened since I last posted on Saturday, but the Comcast guys came this morning so blogging production can resume!

Getting back and settling in has been great! I wasn’t much help packing the car (or unpacking) into the apartment- but I’m not complaining! As of now, my room is still in the organizing and cleaning stage, but it feels really homey and comfy for my recovery.

Since I still cant do any heavy lifting. Kristin got me this inspirational bag! I also found a pin at Living Well that says “I am strong”. Seemed appropriate.

Monday went well. My schedule has worked out almost perfectly for this situation. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday I have my Developmental Child Psychology. On Monday nights I also have a 3 hour lecture class on End of Life Care. It’s with my favorite professor! She’s also my advisor and resembles my dad’s mom Muzzy to an alarming degree. I feel very comfortable talking to her and plan to visit a few times to DMC (deep meaningful conversation). Its kind of an awkward class to take while dealing with a cancer diagnosis- maybe even a bit morbid. I think its an interesting time in my life to explore this though- cancer brings forth the reality that I am not immortal, no one is. It’s a really interesting new life perspective to have. Any who, the first class we had to fill out a “death awareness” sheet. It asked all these questions about how you’d prefer to die and what do you think death will look like. Its pretty heavy- but I’m going to stick with it. Discussions on Hospice care and the big mysterious “after we die” conversations are very intimate in my opinion. You’re not only suddenly aware of the vulnerability of others, but you gain insight into what people consider as “really living”. Plus, I love thought provoking conversations!


Here I go! My first day of senior year!

Today, I had my back to back lecture classes. Sociology of Reproduction and Our Consuming Society. I went to my first class early to introduce myself to the professor, and then told her “I’d stay for class but I honestly need to nap” and I went home to sleep. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. The second class seems interesting, my professor seemed cool. So that’s all fine and dandy.

My endocrinologist called regarding my radioactive iodine treatment earlier today. He said my pathology came back with good results- they were able to remove almost all of the cancer.

One professor asked me what stage I was in… I don’t know.. the exiting stage? Papillary Thyroid Cancer doesn’t really have a stage? It starts, grows and is taken out as soon as its found. So.. the departure stage?

As for now I’m napping, getting my semester ready and trying to get back into the swing of things. I mostly felt like I’ve been running on autopilot. I become exhausted easily and sometimes I can’t remember if I’m awake or only dreaming. Today I’m pretty sure I was sleep walking. I felt like I was physically dragging myself around to my classes (which aren’t even that far apart or far from my apartment).  Running has been put on hold for a month… Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be running my 4 mile race at the end of September.  It will be tough for me- running and long walks have always been my refuge and a time to really contemplate. But, I know it won’t take long, and I’ll make sure to take EXTRA care so I can come back in a flying furry! There will always be more hurtles to jump and more races to run! So, bring it!


2 thoughts on “Sleep Walking

  1. Taylor you are doing great-I spoke to Barbara in Canada and shewill be home on Sunday Sept 1 call her for any reason when she gets back-you look wonderful

  2. Hey Taylor, you are doing great… keep taking care of yourself and remember you can call your doctor anytime with questions. Sounds like the instructor who asked you about stages didn’t know much about Thyroid cancer. You might have to teach some people. Karen

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