Shout Out!

I’ll post an update of being back at school as soon as I get the Internet up and running. But I just wanted to make a shout out post from my phone.

Mom- I would not be here and this school year would not be starting off this great if I didn’t have you for a mom. I’m so so lucky that my mom wanted to stay an extra day to help me out with all the paperwork and food shopping and decorating. I’m sorry I didn’t let you walk me to class, I didn’t think it would be fair to all the other boys and girls without their parents here. Thank you so much for being the biggest supporter from my team. I love you mommy!! ❤

Charlie and dad- thanks for helping out with all the heavy lifting!


One thought on “Shout Out!

  1. Hi Taylor,
    Mike Hoban let us know what you have been going thru and wanted to send best wishes for a speedy recovery which seems you are on your way, we are very happy for you! Good luck and we can’t believe you are a senior! Time flies! I know our time was short with you taking
    care of our kids, but you made lasting memories for them because of you great personality and fun you provided them. Hopefully our paths will cross at some point in the future, we would all enjoy it! Stay strong as we know you are and have a great year! The Borgmans.

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