89 North


Whales Tails just outside Burlington

Here we are, on the stretch of 89 North to reunite me with my second home of Vermont. Sometimes I tell people I live there and leave out the “just for school” part. It’s such a lovely place. Everyone is so nice and Burlington is so fun to explore.

I’m still getting the hang of my meds. I think I have about 5 different alarms to remind me to take everything as needed. The doctor has told me to begin to start weening myself off this massive dose of calcium (thank goodness because I’m tired of feeling car sick outside of the car).

School brings its own stress. How will my classes go? Will I have enough closet space? Can I stay awake in class? But all jokes aside… I FINALLY MADE IT TO SENIOR YEAR!! Boy does that feel good to say.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Vermont if I didn’t have a convoy of cars full of all my material belongings. I don’t even have any textbooks! Just my bountiful collection of clothes and scarves and other goodies from all my friends and family.

I’ve been pretty low key about this whole situation. It’s very awkward trying to find an appropriate way to talk about it. I love all you guys and I want to include you all, but I have so many people to tell hahaha. Popularity problems I guess. Keep up on the blog!! I try to do my best and update it with as much info as I can so you all are included!

The only real bummer is this no fat diet. And it’s not greasy burgers and giant ice cream sundaes I miss, it’s avocados and nuts!! I make the best avocado-chicken-cheese sandwich I’ve been craving all week along with my fabulous homemade trail mix! I can’t even have my comfort Annie’s mac and cheese!!! One more week! One more week! Plus, I have an incredibly stiff neck. I kept everything nice and clean and rested so I guess it’s a fair trade off. My doctor said she usually sees a lot of swollen necks due to lymph drainage, but oh no. not me! Not this kid! I will NOT be walking around school with a fat neck thankyouverymuch.

As for running? It’s on hold until my calcium levels are regulating normally again. Bummer, but at least I didn’t gain weight!! Yay! As for now, I’ll take my infamous adventure walks with whatever company is willing.

I’ll try and get a photo up soon of my room filled with all the crafts I did during my waiting phase haha.


One thought on “89 North

  1. Taylor why didn’t you call or text us with your news – We would have visited with you – My dear wonderful Camp Sunshine daughter – I am so so so sorry that you have had to go through this ordeal – Be strong and please know how much we love ya Your Camp Sunshine Family Terry & Sammy & Bryan

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