The Recap

This is Taylor reporting in from the reclining chair in the Man Cave.

Life in recovery is very boring. As of now my capabilities include standing, eating, and walking laps around the yard. Getting a handle on the meds is another story. I have to take one pill in the morning when I wake up, plus 1500 mg of calcium 4 times a day. The calcium isn’t too hard to remember, my hands get this delightful tingly sensation when my levels get low. During my procedure, they had to take my parathyroid glands off my thyroid and re attached them to my neck muscle causing them to go into temporary shock. Pretty cool, right? While I wait for those guys to wake up and do their job, I’ll be taking calcium supplements. Annnyyytime now guys!

My surgical team was really great. They each introduced themselves to me and explained their role in my surgery to make sure I was on the same page. It really put me at ease to know I had these intelligent and friendly people taking care of me. The anesthesia hit me like a few good margaritas in a matter of seconds and I couldn’t stop laughing until they completely knocked me out. One I was settled back in my room everyone came in to say hi and my nurses took really great care of me.


I was so cold before surgery that they gave me three heated blankets!

I learned a few things during my slumber party at Mass General room 3- which I had to myself (thank goodness). First off, did you know they don’t let you wear ANY clothing? Nothing besides the socks and the johnny. I guess public streaking is pretty normal. I also learned that medical tape hurts. Trying to pull off all the tape from my IVs and my neck bandage was like a waxing gone wrong. If you can avoid that, your life is much better off.

I’m a little nervous about my scar. I don’t want to scare people- mainly myself. I know it will fade over time but this memory won’t as quickly. Good thing Kristin bought me some pretty scarves to make me feel better.

For now I’m resting and trying not to get too antsy about sitting around. I was never good at being sick haha


One thought on “The Recap

  1. Hey Taylor, Thinking of you and hoping that parathyroid takes over soon. At least it is nice out and you can see the sun. Scarves are in… Karen

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