Naked Ankles

Ever since I can remember, I’ve ALWAYS wanted pancakes for dinner-and I finally got them!! I’m a pretty lucky kid to have parents like mine! Image

I had to take off all my jewelry, including my beloved friendship bracelets (that I made for myself haha). This revealed an unsightly ankle tan! It’s literally a 1/2 inch tan around my left ankle. I’d take a picture but it’s highly embarrassing. I haven’t had naked ankles in a while.

As I aware my surgery, I wanted to share something with you all: after my diagnosis, I was feeling a bit… detached, I guess. My parents and I had decided to go out to dinner after picking up a suit for Charlie. So, we were sitting in the suit shop in the mall, and this tiny little peanut of a child starts talking to me. She was so funny! She started putting on a little show for her mother, my mom and I using all the mirrors in the fitting area. Afterwards, she proceeded to climb on my lap and we sang some songs. When I told her I had to leave- she started sobbing! I practically had to run out of the store so she could calm down!
Call me Mary Poppins, but that made me feel a lot better about my life. Thank you Mila!

As the Morgan family generally works, we’ve left an hour behind schedule! Good thing I’ve learned to plan for that.

I’ll fill you all in tomorrow when I get out! ❤


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