Sleep Walking

Hi readers! Alright, so a lot has happened since I last posted on Saturday, but the Comcast guys came this morning so blogging production can resume! Getting back and settling in has been great! I wasn’t much help packing the car (or unpacking) into the apartment- but I’m not complaining! As of now, my room […]

Shout Out!

I’ll post an update of being back at school as soon as I get the Internet up and running. But I just wanted to make a shout out post from my phone. Mom- I would not be here and this school year would not be starting off this great if I didn’t have you for […]

89 North

Here we are, on the stretch of 89 North to reunite me with my second home of Vermont. Sometimes I tell people I live there and leave out the “just for school” part. It’s such a lovely place. Everyone is so nice and Burlington is so fun to explore. I’m still getting the hang of […]


Shakubuku: (Buddhism) to correct another’s false views and awaken that person to the truth; a spiritual side-kick to the head that gives that individual a reality check. Today I finally went to visit my surgeon for post op! I’m doing fantastically- yay! Being cleared made me feel much better about heading up to school. I’m up […]

Naked Ankles

Ever since I can remember, I’ve ALWAYS wanted pancakes for dinner-and I finally got them!! I’m a pretty lucky kid to have parents like mine! I had to take off all my jewelry, including my beloved friendship bracelets (that I made for myself haha). This revealed an unsightly ankle tan! It’s literally a 1/2 inch […]